Sisterbot is a performing artist and composer dedicated to breaking genre boundaries, creating cosmic musical and theatrical experiences. 


Adee Dancy (Sisterbot) is a performing artist born and raised in the Kansas City area. Adee is a student of many teachers and disciplines, attempting to amalgamate all they have learned and loved into their artistic life.  Adorning many different hats, Adee has stepped into a multitude of roles in their career such as professional cellist, music director, vocalist, composer, actor, and more. With dynamic string writing and theatrical rock at the helm of their work, Adee captains a project and alter-ego called Sisterbot, that fuses their multiple disciplines. 

Artist Statement

Sisterbot is a performing artist and composer dedicated to breaking genre and disciplinary boundaries in order to create musical and theatrical experiences. Each piece is episodic, cathartic, and gives an internal look into the beauty and the bizarre of the human experience through epic theatrical and musical storytelling. The 7-to-14-piece Sisterbot Ensemble is described as a “punk pop chamber orchestra,” with a full rock rhythm section and the addition of strings and background vocals. Sisterbot connects and communicates about love, community, gratitude, queerness, the preciousness of life, the preservation of our planet, and our place in this vast universe. 

Origin Story

Read about Sisterbot’s origin story in their recent interview with VoyageKC Magazine (click here for full article)