A note from Sisterbot:
Indie artists with music on Spotify received news in late 2023 that they will “eliminate payments for songs with less than 1,000 streams.” Spotify is already infamous for their minuscule payouts to artists on their platform- the average payment per stream is $.003.

Please consider supporting your favorite indie and local artists on a platform called Bandcamp, a wonderful streaming and selling platform for musical artists. They prioritize the compensation of artists by only taking 10-15% of commissions on downloads and sales, and they allow the artist to set their own prices for each item. Artists are able to sell merchandise, CDs, digital downloads of their music, and more.

  • Other ways to help your favorite local/indie artists on their journeys:
  • If you are a Spotify user, a great way to subvert their current payout system is to continuously stream the songs of the local/indie artists you love. Put a song of theirs on repeat, turn the volume down to 0 (or of course, listen at volume 10!), and play it overnight. Every stream counts!
  • This applies to YouTube as well! YouTube has monetization requirements, one of which is hours of watcher streams.
  • Engage with their content on social media: comment, like, share, repost on TikTok, send artist profiles to your friends to follow, post to your story, etc.