I have been so lucky to collaborate with countless INCREDIBLE artists. Here’s a list of folks I’ve collaborated with on, and some notes about our work together.

Marísa Adame Grady/Colibrósa Productions

Marísa Adame Grady (she/her/ze/zir) is a skilled, soulful, and visionary writer/multi-hyphenate, and the creator of the multi-media company Colibrósa Productions. Marísa and I have collaborated on two large-scale projects since we met in 2022 as studio residents at Charlotte Street. Our first project together was on Marísa’s short film, Penance. Marísa wrote and directed this incredible story dealing with the aftermath of suicide, focusing on close interpersonal relationships and complicated family dynamics. This is a story I’ve experienced, so when Marísa asked me to write a score for the film, it felt like a cathartic and beautiful full-circle moment. We spent about 8 months working on the 11 string quartet movements for the film. The film has been submitted to film festivals, release date TBD!
After the commencement of Penance, Marísa and I began work on a Sisterbot music video called “You Won’t Play Me.” Marísa and I wrote and conceptualized a dramatic portal-fantasy for the video, and released the project in November of 2023.