Sisterbot: You Won’t Play Me

Three years ago, I wrote a song called “You Won’t Play Me.” I had been cleaning my apartment when I found an old pile of letters that brought back difficult memories… they were from someone who had spun many webs of lies and manipulations to gain my attention and affection. I hadn’t realized the extent of this mind-molding until my mid-20’s, after nearly a decade of experiences with this person. Holding the letters in my hand, I felt anger, embarrassment, protective of my younger self, but also, freedom. The knowledge that this person had no hold over me today, or ever again, gave me a sense of triumph. In a rush of catharsis, I ripped up all of the letters, tossing them into the air with relief. Immediately, this song came to me. I sat down at the keyboard, and out it poured.

Though it came nearly completely formed as a song, there were pieces missing that took me three years to finish. The composition, the arrangement for the band, and the recording process came slowly. During that time, I also collaborated with the amazing MarĂ­sa Adame Grady to write and film a music video for the song. The story portrays the long-term manipulation I faced, particularly on the internet, with dramatized scenes of common control and grooming tactics that I and many others have experienced. We hoped that this song and this music video would bring light to an all-too-common pattern in the dawn of the internet, empowering those who listen or watch to end patterns of manipulation in their own lives. I hope you enjoy this song and music video, “You Won’t Play Me” available now on all platforms!

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